The Story

From Tomato to Mix and everything in between

Back in 2008 we decided to start mixing up a fresh batch of Bloody Mary mix for our friends that joined us to watch football games every Sunday. Dave’s parents had been giving us many quarts of tomato juice and stewed tomatoes they had made from their garden. With all the extra canned goods we needed something to do with it. That is when the first ever batch of “Vikings Blood” was born.

After about 8 years of mixing fresh batches every week we decided to try and just “Can” our mix so all we had to do was open a new jar when needed. It was an immediate success with the one batch making enough to last us all year long. As each year went by and a new batch was canned we also decided to remove all of the ingredients that contained preservatives. We wanted the mix to have a garden fresh taste more than anything. Surprisingly many of the initial ingredients did get removed and replaced with a similar item that was preservative free. We continue to this day by starting with whole tomatoes and processing them into our mix with our other ingredients. We currently purchase only locally grown tomatoes from multiple gardeners in the area.

After years of perfecting the recipe, our friends started to ask if they could purchase the mix from us. So with all the extra time on our hands in 2020 due to Covid we decided to try and sell our mix. We are now in our 3rd year of selling our mix under the Cottage Food law in Minnesota. Each year has been more successful than the previous and we look forward to the continued growth. We hope you enjoy it as much as all of our friends and family do.